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Help St John to deliver critical first aid training to schools in Western Australia

Through education we offer fun, engaging, age-appropriate programs both in school and at community events. Ensuring our kids, when called upon, can save a life or support a family member until paramedic assistance arrives. Our Youth & Community teams are pivotal in building the next generation of first responders. 


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Your generous contribution can equip students for life

The First Aid Focus program aims to train and equip students with the skills to assess and respond to first aid situations while developing strategies to seek help for themselves or others.

Experienced Community Education Officers demonstrate the correct first aid approach and students have the opportunity to practise and rehearse these life-saving skills. The practical skill-based sessions support students learning by teaching them how to enhance their own and others’ health, safety and wellbeing in varied and changing contexts. The sessions also provide opportunities for students to:

  • Develop and refine resilience skills.
  • Learn and practice the ability to make safe decisions, manage risk and take actions to promote the health and safety of themselves and others.
  • Learn to take a critical approach to and to access, analyse and apply a variety of resources for the benefit of themselves and the communities.

 I really believe I would have died if she wasn't there.
And for a six year old, that's amazing 

- Mackenzie's grandmother, Dawn.

Emergencies don't wait for grown-ups

Sometimes, the only person available to act in an emergency is a child.

Just ask Mackenzie, pictured right with her family, who was alone with her grandmother when faced with a medical emergency after a nasty fall.

"We were down in the car park and all the lights went out, it was pitch black," says Mackenzie, recalling the incident. 

Mackenzie's grandmother, Dawn, fell from a height and began drifting in and out of consciousness. Mackenzie was able to direct a stranger to call an ambulance whilst she stayed with Dawn, encouraging her to keep breathing and stay calm whilst help was on the way.

Thanks to generous donors like yourself, children just like Mackenzie can get access to the critical skills they need to overcome highly variable, stressful situations. 

Your contribution can save lives

St John has set a goal to train every child in Western Australia, every year, by 2025. To expand this critical program, we need your help.

By supporting St John's First Aid Focus program, you can equip a child with the skills and confidence to rescue a loved one under dire circumstances.

Your generous gift helps to expand the program into a greater number of schools, and reach a larger number of students.

 I hope the story of my Gran and I taught you something and is a story you will all remember. If you can help St John to teach more kids first aid skills at school, that would be really great 

-Mackenzie, now aged nine. 

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