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All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible*. Your donation will be distributed to the areas of the organisation as deemed most urgent by St John WA at the time of receipt. Currently, donations support the development of this range of not-for-profit services.

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Giving tools to help save and protect

70% of sudden cardiac arrests happen in homes right across this state, and we know that early bystander CPR and defibrillation significantly increase a patient’s chance of survival. With your help, we can continue to activate and broaden this army of first responders to make our community safer and save even more lives.

Giving the knowledge to understand and act

As you give we can aspire to reach more via our First Aid Focus program, which is a free in-school St John youth program that teaches WA students vital first aid skills. Currently, 90% of WA school children are missing out on our First Aid Focus program.  By giving to St John, together we are creating a better Western Australia from the ground up – a fairer, more connected, more resilient place to live.

Giving time to care for the community

Evidence shows that WA is a growing and aging population and we will see a significant increase in demand for our Community Transport services in the future. Not everyone has support from family and friends. St John Community Transport’s subsidised volunteer-run service ensures vulnerable Western Australians can stay connected, including attending necessary medical appointments. 

With your help, we can protect and support more WA communities than ever before, empowering people with our free education, support programs and not for profit services. Together we can bring renewed resilience and strength to all communities in WA – so that every child, family and individual has a fair and equitable experience of wellbeing, safety, quality of life and community.