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It takes tools, time and knowledge to build resilient communities.

Empowering WA to overcome medical challenges

For over 130 years, St John WA has been dedicated to serving communities in Western Australia. St John Giving, the fundraising division of the organisation, focuses on supporting all charitable endeavours beyond emergency ambulance services. The team have established a range of charitable programs aimed at addressing medical vulnerabilities, empowering communities and providing resources, expertise, and time needed to overcome health challenges. Their goal is to create safer, more resilient communities across the State.

Through your generous contribution, St John WA can create a safer, healthier, and more resilient society. Join us in our mission to make a lasting impact, as your donation truly has the power to transform lives.

Supporting our WA volunteers

At 2,646 million square kilometres, Western Australia is the largest territory in the world covered by an ambulance service. This means that accidents often happen in extremely remote corners of this vast state, a significant distance from the nearest emergency ambulance service. In an emergency, every second counts.

St John WA supports a vast number of volunteers across Western Australia. Each year, more than 6,000 volunteers willingly give close to 350,000 hours in voluntary service.

Volunteers are recruited and supported across many roles, including volunteer Ambulance Officers, event health officers, first aid awareness officers and community transport drivers.

Your support enables St John WA to equip a new generation of volunteers with lifesaving skills.

Volunteers from Country Ambulance

Community Transport

Access to safe, reliable and affordable transportation is something that most people take for granted. However, for many, transportation is a significant challenge. St John WA
Community Transport Service aims to fill that void by providing a reliable transportation service to those who need help getting to and from medical appointments or community centres.

Evidence shows WA is a growing and aging population and we will see a significant increase in demand for our Community Transport services in the future. This subsidised volunteer-run service ensures vulnerable West Australians can stay connected, including attending necessary medical appointments.

Your donation helps the elderly and vulnerable access equitable healthcare and remain active in your community.

Community Transport Service

First Responder Program

Through our
St John WA First Responder App and Community First Responder programs, we connect over 250,000 people in the community. Users trained in First Aid are able to respond to calls from the sick, injured and vulnerable in the neighbourhood until our emergency services arrive.

The First Responder App equips the community by giving them access to defibrillators, their locations, first aid tips and a direct line to our triple zero (000) call centre for support until our services can arrive.

More than 7000 WA defibrillators are currently being supported by St John with more added each day.

Your contribution helps to maintain and grow the St John WA First Responder program, providing essential equipment and connecting First Responders to nearby emergencies.


First Aid Focus

St John WA Youth and Community team offers a
range of services that are pivotal to building the next generation of First Responders.

Through education and connection with the youth of WA, we offer fun, engaging, age-appropriate programs for all, both in school and at community events. Therefore, if an emergency should happen, our kids can be our little legends who can save a life or support a family member or friend until St John arrives.

Our First Aid Focus program is a free, in-school youth program that teaches WA students vital skills in First Aid.

Your generous gift enables St John WA to reach a greater number of children via the First Aid Focus program.

First Aid Focus

Your help today will make a significant impact for the future

First Responder Icon
Seventy per cent of sudden cardiac arrests happen outside the hospital setting: in homes, sporting venues and community settings right across Western Australia. Only 12 per cent of these people survive to leave hospital and go home.

A significant number of avoidable fatalities occur due to bystanders' lack of knowledge. Enter the Chain of Survival—a vital framework encompassing a sequence of actions aimed at reducing the number of fatalities.

It's important to understand the first three steps in the Chain of Survival, and that anyone who knows these has a significant part to play until the ambulance arrives. St John WA Paramedics then administer further care at the scene, and the patient is transported to the hospital for continued care.

All of what we do is to ensure that as many members of the community become the key to saving a life.

There is no more important person in the chain of survival than the closest one prepared to act.

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