What We Do

Every child deserves a resilient community

Beyond the lights and sirens, our not for profit work is varied and diverse, serving the community in the largest, most remote territory in the world, which can only happen by partnering with you. Please help us to redress vulnerability so our kids can carry this legacy forward for generations to come. As Western Australia’s pre-eminent pre-hospital care provider, we see firsthand this need in the community.

We want to explore and identify gaps in the chain of survival, to better equip the community with a generation of supporters, brimming with confidence for whatever they are confronted with. With your help, we can create a healthy, resilient and safe community for all WA – starting from the ground up. 

It takes tools, time and knowledge to build a resilient community. With your help, we can give more.

When you become a St John Giver, you are helping Western Australia by:

Giving tools to help save and protect

Through our St John First Responder App and Community First Responder Program, we connect over 250,000 people in the community. Many community members are first aid trained and ready to respond to calls from the sick, injured and vulnerable in the neighbourhood until our emergency services arrive. Our First Responder App brings all our tools together. It equips the community by giving them defibrillators, their locations, first aid tips and a direct line to our triple zero call centre for support until our services can arrive.

Seventy per cent of sudden cardiac arrests happen in homes right across this state, and we know that early by-stander CPR and defibrillation significantly increase a patient’s chance of survival. With your help, we can continue to activate and broaden this army of first responders to make our community safer and save even more lives.

Giving the knowledge to understand and act

Through education and connection with the youth of WA, we offer fun, engaging, age-appropriate programs for all, both in school and at community events. Therefore, if an emergency should happen, our kids can be our little heroes who can save a life or support a family member or friend until St John arrives.

St John engages with youth in schools and communities across WA. Our Youth and Community team offers a range of services that are pivotal to building the next generation of first responders. Without your help, we can only reach so many kids. As you give we can aspire to reach more via our First Aid Focus program, which is a free in-school St John youth program that teaches WA students vital first aid skills.

Currently 90 per cent of WA school children are missing out on our First Aid Focus program.

By giving to St John, together we are creating a better Western Australia from the ground up – a fairer, more connected, more resilient place to live.

Giving time to care for community

Volunteering can mean stepping away from family or everyday commitments to support a more pressing community need. We want to ensure we can continue to do this sustainably into the future. We are incredibly grateful for the sacrifice of our 11,374 volunteers, giving over 390,000 hours a year, away from their families, to respond to their community’s needs.

One service that relies heavily on our volunteer workforce is Community Transport. Evidence shows that WA is a growing and aging population and we will see a significant increase in demand for our Community Transport services in the future. Not everyone has support from family and friends. St John Community Transport’s subsidised volunteer-run service ensures vulnerable Western Australians can stay connected, including attending necessary medical appointments.

Please help us to support our volunteer network and St John volunteers that tirelessly give up their time to support our community.

With your help, we can protect and support more WA communities than ever before, empowering people with our free education, support programs and not-for-profit services.

Together we can bring renewed resilience and strength to all communities in WA – so that every child, family and individual has access to healthcare, safety, connection and a better-off life and community.

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