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More information and frequently asked questions about gift in Wills can be found here. We are always here to help with any queries you have via phone on 1800 759 455 (1800 SJ WILL) or email

Why do I need a will?

A valid Will ensures that you can state who manages your estate after you pass away and how your estate is distributed. Without a valid original Will, the WA Law decides how your estate is to be shared amongst your spouse, parents and siblings depending on your situation.

Can my executor also be a beneficiary of my Will?


Can my beneficiary witness my Will?

No, to prevent any claim of coercion or undue influence. it is recommended that the witnesses of your Will should always be non-beneficiaries.

How do leave a gift to St John Giving in my Will?

When you meet with your solicitor to draft your Will, you can ask for a gift to St John Giving be written in. There are options for how you can do this please click here for more information.

How much will my Will cost?

You will receive the solicitor's time for a "Simple Will" for free as a donation of professional services (pro bono) by the solicitor in supporting St John Giving. If you use one in our referral network. In registering with us to have your Simple Will prepared, we do not ask for any fee to be paid.

The solicitors will offer you the opportunity to leave a gift in your Will to St John Giving at the time of taking your instructions. If you use one in our referral network. This is not compulsory nor is there any undue pressure or obligation on you to leave a gift to St John Giving. 

What is a Simple Will?

A Simple Will is a Will that distributes the estate to beneficiaries in simple terms of fixed values and percentage distribution. It may include clauses for the children of a beneficiary to receive the gift if that person passes away before you.

A Simple Will does not take in to account several complexities that many people may need to Include. Such complexities do not necessarily exclude you from accessing our 'Simple Will' program in starting your estate planning.

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